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I’m Jo. I help people use mindsets to clear mental barriers, connect with what is important and achieve.

I create and facilitate learning experiences to help female leaders see the world differently and overcome motivational and interpersonal challenges. A fair amount of my work focuses on helping female leaders meet the demands of being a working mum. Being a working mum myself, I love having the opportunity to help other mums find ways to better manage their professional and personal commitments. It’s amazing seeing them become confident, guilt-free role models for their kids!

If you are fed up with work but don’t know what direction to head in next, then head over to Find My Direction.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by ever increasing expectations and mounting demands, then onTarget program is for you.

If you need to find a way to better understand the people around you, figure out what makes them tick so you can build stronger connections, then my Deepening Emotional Intelligence program is for you.

All of my programs and resources are built around easy to use models that help you help shift your perspective of your world. You’ll gain the skills you need to explore possibilities and take new action. Through this new thinking and action you’ll create the change you desire and you’ll achieve results you didn’t think were possible.

If this sounds like what you need, then get in touch and we’ll explore how we can work together.

Here are a few of the organisations I’ve worked with over my 15 year career:


Professional development are important to me, so I can offer the best expertise to my clients. Here is a quick overview of the courses and qualifications I have completed:

Professional Development