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Far too many women who head into work feeling overworked and overwhelmed. You put your heart and soul into your career hoping to make a difference. But, before long work takes over. You get caught up in the push to achieve more and more… you get lost in the organisation.

As the pressure builds you spend all of your time and effort trying to stay afloat; trying to meet everyone else’s needs.

I’ve been there. It wasn’t until I burnt out that I realised what I was doing… the experience also taught me how simple changes was all I needed to lift out of the chaos and turn things around. Now, I help leaders, business owners, and working mums to lift up out of the stress and chaos.


I feel stuck  Im over work we need EQ

I help women deal with issues, frustrations and challenges

  • rebuild their careers based on purpose, passion and strengths
  • learn how to confidently lead and influence others
  • develop resilience and emotional intelligence
  • deal with head strong individuals and resolve challenging conflicts
  • juggle work and family commitments

The good stuff goes far beyond the practical…

I help my clients reconnect with themselves and find ways to bring their passions into the work they do. My clients learn how to use mindset, emotional intelligence, and the science of achievement to:

  • strip away the negative mindset games to tap into their inner genius
  • see themselves and the world around them with a sense of compassion and appreciation
  • find the confidence and the joy in living a life of possibilities
  • build strong meaningful connections with the people in their lives, their clients, colleagues and stakeholders…. and their friends and family
  • work with purpose and have more fun and energy doing it.