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Make a $100 donation & get a coaching session*

*Only a few sessions are available

At times, everything in the world of work, life feels like you’re trekking through a rugged mountainous rainforest… don’t worry the analogy will make sense soon.

I’m donating my time as a way to help my to help my son Jacob raise funds to volunteer in a community project in a trip to Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

By making a $100 donation*, you get a one hour coaching and development conversation with me to work through a major challenge you’re facing right now.

Is it worth it? absolutely…. one of my clients made a second donation!

“I made a second donation –purely because I feel our coaching session was really helpful and it warranted more than what I have donated in the first place :)”
– S.R., Executive Officer

What do you get in return for your donation?

You get a one hour coaching session with me. In just three simple steps, I will help you clear your thinking, let go of all the stress and focus in on taking action.

Step 1 – Empty Your Head
We start with a mini-mental download… you simply rattle off all the ideas and commitments that are running through your mind. The mini-mental download helps you to step back from the craziness of life so you can have the headspace to look at your situation from a new perspective.

Step 2 – Explore Your Options
Once your head is clear, we’ll prioritise your list so and decide which challenge, idea or project is most important for you to focus on. From there we’ll explore a world of different possibilities. Because you’ve stepped back from the craziness and are thinking with a clear head, the ideas will come freely…. you’ll find new, innovative ways to approach your situation.

Step 3 – Take Action
This is the best part of the session. Pumped and full of inspiration, we’ll grab hold of the approach that excites you the most. We’ll create a quick, easy action plan so you can tap into that excitement and start making headway.

You’ll leave the session feeling PUMPED and full of energy!!!

In the space of one session, the tension shifts and your energy rises. You be full of energy and excitement because you’ll know exactly how to get things moving.

What does Jacob’s team get?

Jacob and his fellow students receive the FULL value of the funds you donate. The will use these funds to finance their volunteer expedition.

During their expedition, they will be trekking through the rugged rainforests in Central America to volunteer with and make a difference to the lives of local communities.

I know it’s going to be challenging. I also know it will be an amazing growth experience for them, just as this coaching session will be for you.

How to get coached

First, make your donation online…

Then, email a screenshot of your approved donation to Remember to include your name and contact details so I can get in touch with you.

As soon as I get your email, I’ll be in touch to arrange your coaching session.

Don’t hesitate because these sessions are being snatched up quicker than I thought.

Thanks so much for your support…

Coaching people like you, with such generous hearts
is always so rewarding.
I can’t wait to start working with you!

Jo from Think Effect

*Limited to one session per person. Sessions need to be booked and completed within 30 days of making your donation. This offer is available for a limited time only and is based on availability. Donations are made directly to the project so non-refundable.