“I don’t understand… I’ve told them already!!”

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“I’ve told them what I need them to do. I just don’t understand why they aren’t doing it”

Before you get to carried away with echoing support, reflect back on your own experience.

The last time you decided things needed to change, when did the realisation hit? How did quickly did the realisation come to you? What was taking place to influence your thinking? Was it a sudden moment of insight or a gradual realisation?

While the decision to change may have been fast, the realisation was most likely gradual.

You pondered the idea, examining it from different angles:

  • How would it work?
  • What would happen if we did change?
  • What risks would be involved in changing?
  • What if we didn’t change?

Over time (days for some, weeks or months for others), the knowing began to grow which inspired you to explore the idea further. You started figuring out how to put the change in place. You played with ideas, talked to people, made notes and scribbled diagrams.

Then the plan crystalized. Full of excitement, you tapped out an email to your people to explain the changes you wanted. Just to be sure, you followed it up with a face to face meeting to go through the details.

This is where the frustration grows for many managers. You sit back and wait for your people to fall in line with the new expectations. But, it doesn’t happen.

Now, it’s time to put yourself in your people’s shoes.

They’ve had an email and a meeting…

Compare that to the time you put into thinking and planning the change.

  • What opportunities have they had to think about and explore the need to change?
  • How much time have they had to ponder and figure out how they can make the change possible?
  • How much time have they had to spend to develop their knowledge and abilities?
  • How different has their change journey been to yours?

There are lessons to learn when it comes to interacting with your kids too..

Often we forget that our little munchkins should just get it!

“How many times do I have to ask you?”

In reality, multiple.

Our kids need the continual reminders and reinforcements because they are still learning.

They haven’t had the years of experience we have. Their brains are still developing. They don’t yet have the physical or mental capacity to look at a situation, analyse what is going on and accurately deduce the best course of action.

They need our help. They need our reminders. And they need the time and experience to for their cognitive skills to grow.


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