Get things done

I feel stuck

Ad hoc coaching sessions, for when you need help to shift from procrastination to focused action… and get things done.

Do you feel like there is too much going on,
you don’t have time to think straight!

Work is crazy

But that’s nothing unusual. There are so many projects and ideas running through your mind. You don’t have the time to think let alone get anything done.

If you could just make some progress

You know if you could focus, give one project your attention you’d gain some much needed momentum.

But you’re in a never ending battle with your to do list. Client meetings, ‘urgent’ emails, and constant “have you got a minute” interruptions… By the time you’re finished with everyone else it’s time to rush home to family commitments.

Did you know 41% of your time is wasted on meaningless activities… activities that don’t provide you any personal satisfaction, nor do they help you achieve your goals!

Don’t let the 41% take hold!

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Clear your thinking and commit to action

An Action session will help you clear your thinking so you can focus on the most important action you need to take. Here’s how this coaching session works.

Part 1 – Your Current Reality
We start with a mini-mental download… you simply rattle off all the ideas and commitments that are running through your mind. The mini-mental download helps you to step back from the craziness of life so you can have the headspace to look at your situation from a new perspective.

Part 2 – Focus and explore your options
Once your head is clear, you’ll prioritise your list so and decide which idea or project is most important for you to focus on. From there you’ll explore the different options you have available to you. Because you’ve stepped back from the craziness and are thinking with a clear head, you’ll be thinking freely…. you’ll find new, innovative ways to approach to tackle your situation.

Part 3 – Take action
This is the best part of the session. Pumped and full of inspiration, we’ll grab hold of the approach that excites you the most. I’ll help you tap into that energy so you can take action. Not only will you create a quick, easy action plan, you’ll be excited to commit to the actions.  

You’ll leave the session feeling PUMPED and full of energy!!!

In the space of one session, the tension shifts and your energy rises. You be full of excitement because you’ll know exactly how to get things moving.


Button - In Focus Action