onTarget is a leadership coaching and development program that will transform the way you lead your team and the results they get.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the changes
ahead of you and your team?

Does it feel like the stress of the unknown is taking over?

Find out if you are ready to get back onTarget


When you’re in the midst of leading big changes, the stress and uncertainty can be hard. Everyone gets caught up in each other’s stress and work starts to feel chaotic.

But you can’t leave your team pondering the unknown. It’s distracting your people from their work. Regardless of any coming changes, you still have clients to deliver to and targets to meet.

The question is how?


motivated and productiveClear chaotic thinking.
Connect with what’s important.
Focus on the things you can control.


onTarget is a leadership transformation program to help you and your team stay calm and grounded in rapidly changing, highly stressful environments.

Through a unique combination of group coaching and individual development both you and your team will learn how to create the focus you need. You’ll create new ways to work together so you can leave the stress behind. Replace the stress with passion, purpose and achievement.

onTarget - the 6 week program

What type of development are you looking for?

onTarget can be run as an individual coaching program, or as a full team development program. Choose the option that works best for you and your team:

onTarget - options


See if you are ready…

onTarget is more than a leadership and team development program. Its also a personal development program. To transform your team you need to be ready to:

  • do things differently, ie take new action
  • work through the discomfort that comes with trying new things
  • partner with me openly and with authenticity.

Before you sign up, it is important we both know you are ready for a program like this… this quick quiz will tell you.