Overcome Self-Limitations & Achieve in Your Career

New half day workshop

Perceptions, Patterns & Career Success

How to overcome self-limiting perceptions and achieve in your career

An exciting career opportunity presents itself and you have 70% of the skills required. What do you do? While the most successful people jump at the opportunity, many women hold themselves back only applying when they can tick 100% of the requirements. This workshop will teach you strategies to overcome self-limiting patterns so you can step forward and take hold of career opportunities.


During this workshop you will:

  • Learn how to make the hiring process work for you
  • Promote your successes by increasing your visibility
  • Frame your accomplishments in terms of what the organisation is looking for
  • Learn how safe-to-fail techniques to stretch into opportunities and learn from experience
  • Creating new paths to success through networking and on the job experiences.


You’ll walk away with:

  • A simple actionable steps to increase your visibility
  • Strategies to update your resume and LinkedIn profile
  • Confidence in your ability to land exciting career opportunities
  • A specific plan to put your learning into action



Half day workshop. The duration can be adjusted depending on the depth of learning needed and the time available.


Suitable for:

Senior employees, aspiring managers, and new leaders and managers.