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A few words of gratitude from my awesome clients…

In Focus

When Kate she was struggling with a difficult decision and didn’t know which way to turn. Here is the message she sent immediately after our session

“Jo, Thanks for your time this morning. I was feeling very stuck, and by the end it was all perfectly clear. The power of you asking just those three key questions! Amazing! Thank you.” Kate

Michael was lost. He was contemplating making a big change in his life but he felt flat, unable to make the decision. During the session he realised he had only focused on what he didn’t want in his life. He hadn’t started to think about what he wanted.

“Thanks so much. Now I know why its been so hard for me to get moving on this. You’ve given me loads to think about.” Michael

Find My Direction

Wendy had dreamed of changing careers, but always come up with so many reasons to keep doing the same thing. In just one session she found new ways of looking at her situation and immediately started making changes.

“Thanks for an awesome session Jo. Heading into the session, I didn’t know what to expect. I’d never done anything like this before so it was a new experience. My mind is racing with new ideas!”


Now this is what we can do when we coach and develop a whole team!!

“I engaged Jo to help one of my teams who were struggling to get past deep conflicts. Jo’s ability to connect with every person in the team was critical in helping work through the problems. We knew we could be completely open and honest with her about what was going on. She helped the team get to the heart of the trust issues which were causing the problems. With Jo’s help, the team were able to make the changes they needed to get back to focusing on our clients. If you have people who need to open up and deal with their conflicts, I highly recommend you work with Jo”
Executive General Manager, not-for-profit, Sydney

Emotional Intelligence Workshop

“Great presentation. Awesome passion! Very interesting”
“Thoroughly enjoyed the session and felt energised to grow and understand others.”
“Useful tips and tricks; Enjoyed this session immensely”
“Good engaging session. This will help with my professional and personal development”