Stress and Resilience Workshop

“Very inspiring”
“I very much enjoy Josephine as a presenter and speaker”
“Excellent session- really resonated”
“Great speaker, very engaging. Was a good reminder of simple things like ‘be in the moment'”
“Great ideas for coping on a personal level”
“interesting observations about resilience, and hearing Josephine’s personal stories

Stress & Emotional Resilience

How to reduce stress and developing emotional resilience.

With the magnitude of urgent tasks and difficult situations, the ability to cope with stressful situations is critical. This workshop will help you develop and cultivate the emotional resilience to go beyond coping. You’ll learn how to think beyond the obvious and draw on highly pressurised environments to adapt, grow and move forward with strength and confidence.


During this workshop you will:

  • Uncover common myths about emotions and resilience
  • Understand the power of emotions
  • Explore the connection between emotions and resilience
  • Learn how people cope with disasters and personal tragedy
  • Learn how to use positive and negative emotions to reduce, prevent and cope with stress


You’ll walk away with:

  • A simple model to develop emotional resilience
  • Techniques to express and manage your emotions
  • Greater confidence in your ability to handle difficult situations
  • A specific plan to put your learning into action



Half day workshop. The duration can be adjusted to meet the depth of learning needed and the time available.


Suitable for:

Senior employees, aspiring managers, and new leaders and managers.


If you are interesting in mastering emotional resilience, get in touch by emailing